History of Jujitsu

The Bujin Ki Ryu

Bujinki Ryu Ju-Jitsu is a blend of several systems of martial arts, primarily Jukite Jujitsu and Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu. The art of Jujitsu was brought to Rapid City from Japan by Sensei Claude Woodson, a 5th degree Black Belt in (Godan) in Jukite Jujitsu, who served the United States Air Force at Ellsworth Air Force Base, located 15 miles east of Rapid City. Sensei Woodson taught at the Rapid City YMCA from 1965 to 1969. Three students earned their Black Belt under Sensei Woodson. They were Sensei AI Salazar, Gary Aaron, and Dennis Rush.

In 1969, Sensei Woodson was transferred out of EAFB, and at that time passed the chief instructor position to Sensei AI Salazar. AI Salazar instructed Ju-Jitsu from 1969 to 1978. During his time, he promoted several students to Black Belt. They include: Rod Holmes, Dave Moorehouse, Vince Braun, Chris Lampert, Craig Henrichson, Fred Lorenzen, Jerry Birnbaum, Gary Brinker, and Julio "Mutch" Usera. Some remained in the art promoting and instructing Ju-Jitsu in Rapid City and other communities.

Sensei Salazar, a 4th degree Black Belt, also held Black Belts in Judo and Karate. In 1978,Sensei Salazar moved to Houston, Texas, where he continued to teach Ju-Jitsu with the city'sathletic department. At that time, Sensei Salazar passed the chief instructor's role and theYMCA (Rapid City) Dojo to Sensei Usera and Sensei Holmes. After 12 years, he returned toRapid City and today he resided in Alabama where he has reitired from instructing the martialarts. During the late 70's, Sensei Usera and Holmes promoted and developed the YMCAJu-Jitsu Dojo to be the most respected and visible cIub in the Black Hills. Holmes and Userapromoted various tournaments and held hundreds of demonstrations and seminars onJu-Jitsu. The YMCA Dojo was, and still is the largest martial arts club in the Black Hills area.Since Sensei Salazar's departure from Rapid City, Senseis Holmes and Usera promoted over30 students to the rank of Black Belt and Master Usera has promoted over 60 in his past 33years as a JuJitsu instructor.

In January 1990, Sensei Rich Wells was promoted to his 3rd degree Black Belt (Sandan) andbecame the fourth Chief Instructor of the YMCA Dojo. Usera and Wells took the Rapid CityJukite JuJitsu club to another level by becoming mebers of the American Ju-Jitsu Association(AJA) alsobeing certified by the AJA.

Usera also transfered his studies to the late Hanshi Kenneth L. Plenland,10th Dan, Shorinji-Ryu JuJitsu and Chairman of the International Shorinji-Ryu JuJitsu Federation. Usera continue to expand the system as well as increase activities through new dojos located throughout the state. Until his death in October 2006, Grand Master Penland was active with the Rapid City Ju-Jitsu Dojo through seminars and periodic visits. Hanshi Penland was well known and respected in the Martial Arts world. He also has several belts and instructed the art of Shorinji Ryu Ju-Jitsu, Kendo, Aiki JuJitsu, White Crane Kung Fu and Shroinji Ryu Karate, to name a few. He was also a Master Samurai Swordsman. He held a 10th degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Karate and a 10th Dan in Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu. Hanshi Penland is succeeded by Hanshi George Alexander, 10th Dan, Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu and President of the Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu Federation. Usera was promoted through the 18 years under Hanshi Penland up to the rank of Shichidan, 7th Dan. Today, Usera is Hachidan, 8th Dan, Shihan, and is under the leadership and direction of Hanshi George Alexander.

In February 1990, the Rapid City Ju-Jitsu Dojo and its affiliates became members of theAJA (Dojo number 4100). Shihan Mutch Usera, 8th Dan, is the Master Instructor of theJukite JuJitsu Ryu (style) and currently oversees affiliated dojos located in Sioux Falls,SD; Pierre, SD; Wall, SD; Littleton, CO and Arvada, CO. DMA is a member of the United States JuJitsu Federation; the Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu Federation and the American JuJitsu Association.

The Sioux Falls dojo was originally founded in 2001 by Sensei Joe Herreman (Shodan) in Brookings, SD while he was attending college at South Dakota State University. In 2006, after graduating from college, Sensei Herreman moved the school to Sioux Falls and officially changed the name to Dynamic Martial Arts of Sioux Falls.