Ki: The Basis of the Universe

The KI of the Universe has no beginning and no end;
It can neither increase nor diminish. Though it changes
Its form, it remains basically unchanged.
You and I and the sun, the moon and
Everything else is born from KI.

To grasp this is to have no enemies and no allies, to know
No life and no death. It is to achieve, immutable life.
Call it God or Buddha, it is still the same. Only the
Method of explaining it and the ways of applying it vary.
It is a discipline designed to help us clearly understand
The laws of the universe and to become one with the KI of
The universe in daily life.

Each of us has a body and spirit which are entrusted to
Us by the universe. We use both of these elements in all
Of our undertakings. It is only when the
Spirit and the body unify into
This element that we are able to function as complete
Human being.